Friday, May 15, 2015

Us and Them

Los Angeles City Hall Reflected from the Los Angeles Police Department Building

 I was shooting (you know with the camera) in downtown yesterday.  I walked past the new Los Angeles Police Department building and saw the smiles and hugs of families celebrating a new generation of officers as they were being promoted.  

 I wondered if there were videos of the hundreds of positive interactions between "us" and "them" would that help improve the trust between our citizens and the people who have taken an oath to "protect and serve" or would we simply ignore the positive stories?

I suspect the horror stories we see today are not new to our culture but the "camera in your pocket" phenomenon has brought it to everyone's attention.  I think it is also true that there are many more positive interactions between the police and our citizens everyday but no one is photographing these events and perhaps, if they did, they would not be seen as "news".  What is about the consumers of news that we are always more attracted to the negative?