Sunday, January 24, 2016

LA at Night


We had dinner at Clifton's last night.  We both have fond memories of eating in this restaurant when our families brought us here as little children.  The restaurant had a reputation of welcoming all people and our families felt comfortable here.  My friends and I took the bus here to have a celebratory dinner the day we graduated from High School (we thought we were so adult) and I was here in the fall when it first reopened after an extensive renovation.  I was sure Robert would enjoy seeing the old restaurant  - and he did.

The Restaurant has retained some of the decor and fixtures from  the earliest years of operation.   This bench and lamp are downstairs where the telephone booth was located.  (The booth is still there but no telephone)  I imagine people sat on this bench and twiddled their thumbs as they waited for caller ahead of them to finish.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Moose Lodge

Jimmy often performs at the SmokeHouse in Burbank, at least that is where we saw him before, but this time we found him at the Moose Lodge, still in Burbank but so much more intimate.  The fans had a great time, singing along on occasion,  having a drink or two at the bar and jumping up to dance on the tiny little floor.  It was a fun night.