Thursday, March 7, 2013

An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember is one of my FAVORITE movies.  I've watched it literally thousands of times and I still cry when Cary Grant opens that door and finds his painting of her hanging on her bedroom wall. Yes, I'm really a romantic at heart  - so there, I said it, and now you know.

But this time I'm not talking about romance, I'm talking about the Gala hosted by "The100" a group of men in Orange County - "Real Men, Giving Real Time" who are all about giving back to their community.

Their theme this year was "Character Commitment & Courage: Celebrating 20 Years of Responsible Leadership.  Sending my congratulations to the 100 Black Men of Orange County and all the young men they have helped to mentor through their "Passport Program" - job well done.

Joe, Belen and Julie - look over here - I'm here - look at me........

Got Julie and Robert - still no Joe :(

OK - got it - two guests looking directly at the camera.

Robert introduces himself to Eugene Campbell this year's winner of the Business and Economic Empowerment Award

Robert and a special guest - a member of The Tuskegee Airmen  

Jeffrey Osborne rocked the house with "On the Wings of Love".

 Great evening.   It's nice to know folk who aare doing a great job with the young people in our community.

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