Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dinner at Leon's

Robert's high school friends still stay in contact with each other and have a lot to talk about when ever they get together.  The other night it was dinner at Leon's in Cathedral City.  

A guest at a nearby table offered to take our photo.  She did a great job getting us all in focus.

An Italian Cioppino

Lamb Shanks over Garlic Potatoes and a Savory Gravy
We may have been the only guests that ordered greens and cornbread - but talk about good...yum.

 We stayed overnight and made our way to Leon's "city" location the next morning.  The food was just a good at Leon's Bar and Grill. 

Robert, Leon and Clint outside Leon's Bar and Grill on Palm Canyon Drive.

On our way to Palm Springs Robert stopped  so I could grab some photos of the windmills. The wind was barreling down the San Gorgonio pass at a good clip - it was too windy to stay out of the car very long.  The next day I was able to capture a couple of city views.

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