Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finally.... Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C.

I have along list of places to visit, and although I have been in Washington DC several times, I have yet to see the Cherry Trees in blossom around the Tidal Basin.  Last year I was here in April but the weather had been unseasonably warm and by the time I arrived on the 2nd the blossoms were gone.

I was so hopeful they would be in bloom this year, but when I arrived Thursday morning the prospect seemed gloomy.  The trees were bare and it was cold.  But Friday the sun was out and the announcers were projecting peak bloom for the weekend.  We drove down Sunday afternoon and I was in luck -  the Cherry Trees were in bloom.

Not only were the trees in bloom, thousands of people had come out to celebrate at the Cherry Blossom Festival. The whole city was abuzz.  Happy to see the warm days and the pale pink blossoms.

Yep - that me - right in the middle of the celebration

We ran into a crew of documentarians  who were interviewing people who had recently relocated to the area - Yvonne took the mike and explained why she had chosen to make this part of the world her home.

It's time to go and the men consult a map to plan our walking route to Ruth Chris's Steak House.

Why is there never quite enough time to do EVERYTHING I want to do?  Would loved to have time to browse through the National Portrait Gallery.  How can a photographer go to the capital and not see this collection of portraits?  

After dinner we make our way through the darkened streets, find our car and drive back to Haymarket.
Maybe I will return  and bring the girls on An Adventure with Nonnie - there is so much to see and do - I know 
they will love it.

If you would like to see the Cherry Trees in blossom but don't want to fight the crowds you can see these beautiful flowering trees at several other sites around the city

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