Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jazz at Spaghettini's

Our friend Marion lives in Lelystad, in the Netherlands and was here in the Orange County area for a few days recently.  A group of us got together and took her to Spaghettini's for a little night music.   We sat in the lounge area, had "small bites" to eat, a couple of drinks and were entertained by a great group of really fine musicians led by Jason Weber - a super Sax player.  If you like jazz - you will want to get acquainted with Jason.

At intermission Marion jumps up to meet him and I jump up right behind her with my little G15 - a great workhorse - even in low light.   ( these two images would probably have been much better if I had trusted the little guy and left the flash off).

A great night our on the town.   

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