Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Middleburg, Virginia

We drove through the rolling hills of Loudon County through the hamlet of Aldie and found our way to Middleburg.  A quaint little town with a main street filled with shops and restaurants, beckoning travelers to stop and stay awhile.

 We could see right away we were in horse country - not the western horses we are used to, but those trained for Steeplechase and Fox Hunting..

Robert strikes a pose in front of the Red Fox Inn - the oldest building in town.

We stopped to chat with a man who gave us a great big smile and told us he was the breakfast chef at Market Salamander - it was enough of an introduction for us, so we made our way to the corner of Washington (the main street) and Pickering.

We found Market Salamander to be as charming as the town.  A combination of deli, wine shop and gifts - a wonderful place to eat and then browse.  I had a serving of beets with feta - yummy.

The staff was helpful and friendly. The young lady who brought our drinks told us (after some questioning by us - of course) that there was a "fox hunt" planned for Sunday - and invited us to return.
She also told us about the owner of Salamander Market's new endeavor - The Salamander Resort and Spa - scheduled to open sometime this summer.

We learned that the Salamander Market and the Resort were both the vision of Sheila C. Johnson - co founder of BET.  http://press.salamanderhospitality.com/pr/sh/salamander-resort.aspx  The resort should be spectacular when completed - another reason for us to return to "horse country" in Northern Virginia.

We continued our stroll, past the United Methodist Church, the Post Office and little speciality shops.

I stop to buy tea at this little shop.  Moroccan Mint for Yvonne and Acai Mango Tango for me.
Olio 17 E Washington Street - 540.687.3004

Always wishing for more time in the places I visit - I would have loved to taste the olive oils - but....  well you know the story - the people I was driving with wanted to move on to greener pastures.
so long Middleburg - perhaps I will return one day.

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